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The number one comment we hear from couples is "We don't like 'posed' photos!" and we get it - no one wants to be standing around for hours taking staged and awkward looking photos. Our goal is to create some beautiful, timeless portraits as well as those precious moments that naturally unfold.

Whilst most photographers showcase the very best portraits and the 'WOW' shots on their websites (which tend to be more structured or posed) the actual amount of those images is a very small percentage from an entire wedding day.

You’ll notice that a lot of our own images are portraits, some are naturally posed, some are 100% candid, but they are usually focused on a certain stylistic aspect to create something that is visually appealing... but the reality is, most of your wedding day is captured in a completely natural way. 


Meet Jess + Malvin, these two had the most beautiful Hunter Valley wedding. They didn't want too many 'posed' pictures but understood the importance of capturing an 'official portrait' from the day because their parents and grandparents really wanted that image. Those 'official images' were done within 5 minutes and we spend the next 55 minutes getting more editorial, romantic, and natural images with Jess, Malvin and their bridal party.

— Jess + Malvin

We love nose-scrunched laughs, long embraces, and happy tears but these don't tend to happen naturally or without a little direction so keep that in-mind when booking your wedding photographer. We like to say, "during those formal portraits, you bring the love and connection and we will bring the knowledge on how best to capture those moments".

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The best advice we can give is to make time to interact with your loved ones on your wedding day. We want to capture special moments but we need the opportunity to be created by the two of you... and when you create those moments... magic happens!

Like the moment your dad sees his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time…

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That special moment as your dad leads you through the front doors just minutes before he gives you away... 

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When you thought Grandma wasn't well enough to make it to your wedding and then you spot her in the crowd.

Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers

That hilarious moment when a group of strangers all scream out "LOVE IS LOVE" while you are getting a picture with your brother...

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When you casually mention to your new hubby the ground is muddy and you are wearing new shoes...

Newcastle Wedding Photographers

That moment when your horse comes over to see what the commotion is all about... p.s: horses love to eat flowers


A precious embrace with your 90 year old grandfather who left his hospital bed to be there on the most important day of your life...

Every time I point my camera at an elderly VIP guest at your wedding, I have in the back of my mind that this could be the last photo of that special person that’s ever taken.

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That moment your childhood friend finally catches the bouquet after 12 failed attempts...


That moment mum is getting you into your dress and is over come with emotion…


The amazing photo of grandma on the dance-floor for the 10 seconds that her hips allow her…

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That moment the boys think its a good idea to throw an entire bucket of confetti at your face...

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That special moment when you let your two best friends in on a little secret... that you are hiding a little bump under your wedding gown...

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When your groom sees you for the first time walking down the aisle...

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The excitment of two mums who are so proud and emotional to be officially part of each others families.'


That omg moment when your bridesmaids and closest childhood friends sees you in a wedding dress for the first time…

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Then your sister has one goal... to embarrass you in front of all your closest friends and family!

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The look of emotion on your mum’s face as she realises her little boy is all grown up now, and that things will never be the same again…

And sometimes... we can just have some fun!!!

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"I'm the undefeated jenga champion!" he said

"Dad doesn't dance.." they said

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'OMG Raquelle, this couch looks like the one in titanic... we have to do the french girl thing...'

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That moment when your favourite song comes on the dance floor and you think you’re in Ibiza again…

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"Her hair keeps blowing into my mouth"

Newcastle Wedding Photographer

The moment the girls realised they had won a very intense game of beer pong...

"We just need to FaceTime real quick!"


When your BFF has traveled across the country to be at your wedding...

Star Wars is life

When Star Wars is life!!

I guess what we are trying to say is, the day of old school posing has gone. These days we are all about putting our couples together in the most beautiful light and letting you fall naturally into each other to create some beautiul portraits.