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June 21, 2018

I just love sparkler exits! They are one of my favourite ways to send a bride & groom off, and anytime one of my brides lets me know they’re thinking of having one, the first words out of my mouth are always “DO IT!” They’re the perfect way to end a wedding with a bang, and they make for a killer last page in any wedding album. Having the right kind of sparkler can make your grand exit even more idyllic, so I went on a hunt to find the perfect sparkler exit so that you don’t have to!


First things first, please check with your reception venue! Will they allow the use of sparklers? If so, are there any terms and conditions attached to their usage? Some venues do not allow sparklers at all because of insurance, safety, or hazards. If your venue doesn’t allow a sparkler exit, don’t worry, I have lots of alternative send-off options here!


The best way to let your guests know you are planning a sparkler exit is to have a sign! You will want as many guests as possible to be present at the sparkler send-off, so let them know what time it’s happening so they stick around. Also, make sure there’s a specific time. Make sure the time you select isn’t at the exact end time as agreed upon by the venue, you want to take your time and that way it doesn’t force your guests to hurry off straight after you leave. White Willow Paper has a beautiful range of affordable wedding signage.


Where will your sparkler send-off take place? Make sure it’s in an open outdoor location away from anything potentially flammable or hazardous. Also, make sure it has enough room for guests to form two lines, which you’ll walk down the centre of together. An ideal location would be close to your getaway car for a seamless exit. But always check first with your venue!


The average sparkler, which you might put on a birthday cake or crack out for New Year’s Eve, takes around half a minute to burn up. This doesn’t give you enough time to get the final sparklers lit before the first ones you lit burn out. There are a bunch of local shops that specialise in long sparklers for weddings.


Often this is the one thing couples completely overlook! You will need plenty of matches and lighters! Whether you plan to give matchbox favors or place them at a ‘sparkler’ station, make sure you have more than enough. Etsy has some great personalised options, we love these custom matchboxes spotted at Co Creative Design.


The final and a most important tip… is not to rush your walk through the sparklers. Take a nice and easy stroll past your guests. With a live spark nearby it might not be so wise to hug your guests as you go, but you can certainly take a few seconds to wave to your guests. Halfway through the guard of honour, stop and have a romantic kiss, a dip or another wave to your adoring crowd. This allows your photographer to get some excellent images.

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