I find the beauty in genuine moments from an editorial perspective, bringing a mixture of fine art, portraiture, and photojournalism to every wedding I capture. My aim is to tell a timeless and beautiful story that not only takes you back to that time and place but that will transport you to an even more romantic and softer version of it.


February 21, 2018

On your wedding day, there are lots of special moments that need to be captured! From walking up the aisle right through to your first dance. All of these moments are important and that have, over time, become cornerstones in documenting your wedding day.

When it comes to the formal group portraits we highly recommend choosing between 5-8 groups as a maximum. These should be the most important members of your family! Parents, Siblings, Grandparents & Step-Parents. There will be plenty of time during the evening to get lots of fun candids with your friends and extended family so we ask that this time (directly after your ceremony) is saved for immediate family members only.

As a general rule, each photo will take between 2-3 minutes to capture. We allocate about 30 minutes per wedding and we find that it is enough time to capture those important family portraits. The more time we spend on family group portraits, the less time there will be to capture your portraits so it is a balancing act but very manageable with a little bit of preparation. We will, of course, help you manage this part of your day.

Your wedding is such a big deal for your immediate family particularly your parents. It is the moment that they have always imagined, it will feel like just yesterday when you were toddling around the house. We approach your family portraits with care and precision knowing that these images will be some of the most treasured from your day. It is one of those things that you may not appreciate right now but it is something that becomes more important as the years past.

These images are guaranteed to be cherished by your family members and I will bet some of the first images printed and frame after your big day! We ask that you work with us to make this part of your day to run smoothly.

x Raquelle

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