We love the tiny footsteps running up the hallway at 6 am... it's been our family tradition for the past 9 years to start every day with snuggles in the 'big bed'. Our children are the centre of our world, to say simply 'we love our kids' would be a huge understatement. There are not enough words to describe how we feel about our family, personally being a wife and mother is an incredible experience, it's hard, rewarding and completes my entire being. 

If you follow us on Instagram you may already know... we love coffee!!!! The smell of fresh coffee in the morning is the best!

Sundays are for singing out loud and dancing around in the living room with our kids. We both have a huge passion for creating beautiful, bright and inspiring things. We love being spontaneous, taking off without a plan, to venture and give our kids the chance to experience new things.

We love summer storms. We love being right in the middle of a moment. We love meeting new people, hearing their stories and telling their stories. We love having good talks that let you forget the time. We love being happy, having fun and laughing out loud.

We love the possibilities of our life! The gifts it makes and the doors it opens. And we love capturing all these moments in a very close and honest way.

x Raquelle + James