HELLO 2017!

Raquelle Loraine Photography

When you embark on a rebrand the first question you ask yourself is, “what do you want the brand to look like?” I knew what direction I wanted to go in and how I wanted my work to be displayed. But the thing that I wanted more than anything else was to create an experience, a feeling... I really wanted my brand to represent... well... me!

When we meet in person for the first time, you get an idea about my style, my approach and about who I am as a person. But that feeling is difficult to convey on a website. We started to brainstorm ways that I could give my clients a way to see me... of course, I have an ‘about me’ page which gives you a little insight to how I started my business accompanied by a beautiful image but I wanted something more. As many of you know, I’m married to an incredibly talented man, so when I was in the planning stages of the RLP rebrand I naturally ran every thought and idea past him. and he suggested a new film was the perfect way to kick start 2017.

Typically, when you start thinking about shooting a business promo you feel obligated to show off the gear, to have a camera in your hand, that you should be doing the thing that people are hiring you for - shooting a session... shooting a wedding… shooting something… shooting anything!! These types of films are planned out months in advance, you choose the right client, find others to collaborate with, gather props, find the perfect location, dozens of email and all of that is fabulous - heck, I did a behind the scenes promotion exactly like that in 2015! 

But the truth is, you are not hiring the camera or the fancy gear, you are hiring the person, the brain - so this time around I wanted to capture me in a genuine and fun way! 

x Raquelle