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June 21, 2018

Often the groom gets forgotten in the hustle and bustle leading up to the ‘big day’ so I have put together a very quick guide on how to get through your Wedding Day without any hiccups. Follow these simple tips and you should have a seamless day.

There are so many things to remember on your wedding day with friends and family coming and going, guests asking last-minute questions, trying to stick to the schedule, groomsmen arriving, photographers & videographers everywhere. In the general hustle and bustle of a typical wedding day often times grooms forget to eat. Plan ahead with lots of healthy snacks and also consider having lunch pre-arranged to save time and effort on your wedding day.

Drinking beer before your wedding does not count as staying hydrated! Most grooms and groomsmen partake in a drink or two before the ceremony. Drinking enough water will help keep you hydrated on your big day. Also, if you are getting married outside during the warmer months, keep plenty of cold water around to help you stay cool and refreshed during your wedding day.

Most grooms typically wait until the very last minute to write their vows. Once you write your vows, a good rule of thumb is to keep an actual paper copy of your vows with you and another version on your phone. Just to be on the safe side provide a paper copy of your vows to your best man and or mum, this way you will never be caught short at the last minute.

Yes, men wear accessories too! In the form of cufflinks, tie clips, pocket squares, socks, handkerchiefs & watches. Simply place all of your items together ahead of the big day and set them aside. The last thing you want is to be an hour away from home getting ready when you realise your cufflinks are still at home on the dresser. Many grooms forget their shirt, I know that sounds unlikely, however, it happens more than you might think. Once you have your suit, place your shirt, tie/bow tie inside your suit carrier and you will be set to go. Another great tip is to learn how to tie your bowtie or tie prior to your wedding day. You can thank YouTube for some of the best and easiest tutorials from bowties to pocket squares, a little practice goes a long way!

Ever been to a wedding and when it comes time to exchange rings and the bridal party has that deer in headlights look on their faces? That’s because there was no official plan as to who would be responsible for the rings. The buddy system works great for ensuring the rings are not forgotten on your wedding day. Assign ONE person to handle the rings for your big day. Then assign another person to check with that original person to ensure the rings are not forgotten.

Grooms tend to think like this… tux, check… rings, check… brushing teeth… check. Many grooms don’t realise they forgot to polish their shoes until they are standing in the aisle waiting for their bride… and by then, it’s too late! Don’t let this happen and polish your shoes the night before. Add this to your wedding to-do list or tell your best man to remind you.

A great way to make sure you and your groomsmen look great is to book a trim and shave for the group at a barbershop. A professional shave is a great way to kick off your wedding festivities and makes a great gift for the groomsmen, however, try to avoid getting your hair cut the morning of your wedding. Aim to get it cut a couple of days prior if you can. This will give the hair time to relax a bit before the wedding (and also give you time for adjustments if the cut isn’t flawless). Make sure you tell the barber you’re getting it cut for your wedding so they’ll pay extra attention to detail. Ask them to show you how to style your hair properly (and which products to use) for the big day.

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