I find the beauty in genuine moments from an editorial perspective, bringing a mixture of fine art, portraiture, and photojournalism to every wedding I capture. My aim is to tell a timeless and beautiful story that not only takes you back to that time and place but that will transport you to an even more romantic and softer version of it.

We know that for most people the thought of having their photo taken is terrifying and we get it but here’s the thing after you have your engagement session you are going to be so much better prepared for your wedding day! Your engagement session is your chance to get to know me, get comfortable with the camera and have some fun and that is exactly what Jaden and Oscar did… we had such a good time!

Jaden and Oscar meet through mutual friends and it was fireworks from the second they locked eyes. Oscar bravely made a beeline through a crowd of party-goers just to stand next to Jaden, from that first introduction they have been inseparable ever since!

Now to my favourite story of the year… Jaden tells it best: “We were at the Cat Empire concert at Hope Estate last November with a bunch of friends. We shared a picnic blanket and a bottle of wine having the best time. The sun was setting and the music was playing, I turned around to Oscar and he had the funniest look in his eye and I just knew at that moment, he was going to ask me. It was a total surprise for both of us as Oscar had not planned to ask me yet, he didn’t have a ring with him but he just felt like that was ‘the moment’… It was so perfect!”

These two are the sweetest couple ever and we can not wait to capture their wedding day at Circa later this year!

x Raquelle

The Experience


Jaden & Oscar

"We have been looking at the pictures ever since you sent them!! Literally Obsessed! You are so talented! We are so glad we did the engagement session, so excited for the wedding now, we just love them!"

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