Here is where the magic starts, you have the opportunity to shape the way your wedding film will feel and really make it your own. It is lots of fun choosing a few personalised elements that will make your film perfect!


The music will drive your story, tie it together and bring it to life, however, due to copyright laws we can not legally license your favourite song from the radio.

We have a great blog post all about Australian Copyright Laws which can be seen here

We use Musicbed exclusively for all of our films, they have the largest range of licensed music and lots of amazing artists who make music perfect for wedding films. 

Things to look for:

3 to 4 Minutes in Duration

Cinematic + Happy Qualities

Emotional / Loved Up Lyrics

If you don't know where to start simply browse by 'mood' or you can start with artists like: Emily Hern, Joshua Radin, Holley Maher, Marie Hines, Amy Stroup, JJ Heller, Ben Rector, Tim Halperin & Tyler Williams.

First step is to head over to Musicbed, sign up (its free). We ask that you choose 3 or 4 tracks and that are between 3 and 4 minutes in length. The form below will give us everything we need to start your film so we ask for this to be completed prior to your wedding day so that we can get started on your film immediately.

We will take your music options and choose the very best track that will work with your love story and the footage from your day.


We currently offer 16 beautiful options for our films. Please note, not all titles will work perfectly together and some might look better if you have a similar amount of letters in your name. Our fonts have been selected per title and are unable to be changed. If more than one title stands out and you can not make a choice, or are not sure which one would work best feel free to select a couple of options that you love and we will see which one suits your film the best.



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