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Our goal is to create the best film possible, we offer simplistic packages that all come standard with Bridal Prep + Ceremony + Location Shoot + Part of your Reception (until guests dancing) totalling 8 hours. Our cinematic highlight films have been the most popular among our couples. They capture the essence of your day in a beautiful and easy to watch short film with music overlay. Your film will be a cinematic experience, highlighting the key moments of your wedding day. It is a timeless piece that you will be able to watch over and over again and truly feel like you are reliving those magical moments for years to come.


We strive to bring you a photojournalistic representation if your day while maintaining the artistic integrity that you have come to expect. Our films evoke beautifully emotional responses. As a viewer, this is a small window into the story of your life. Our goal is to capture what makes your love unique. We document your memories in a way that is both modern and timeless.


The way we approach shooting is in an unobtrusive way, yielding those candid, natural moments. We dress for the wedding and blend in like a guest. We make sure to keep out of the way, never blocking the view for your guests, this approach gives us the flexibility to float around and capture all the memorable moments as they happen.


Your day will be captured from bridal preparation through to guests dancing after the formalities have finished. We find that between 8-10 hours of coverage is enough time to tell the story of your day. The success of our films depend on the story of the couple. We encourage our clients to share their adventures and love story with us so that we can conceptualise a unique idea that exudes the essence of your personalities and lives.


When it comes to music, all of our packages include fully licensed music, unfortunately that means we can not legally license your favourite song from the radio due to Australia copyright laws. We use a full service licensing platform which provides a highly curated selection of songs for filmmakers to use in media projects. The quality of music is exceptional, easily accessible and it helps creatives tell a better story while also supporting musical artists. We are experienced in selecting the best music to suit your story and can guide you through the process. 

We highly recommend reading through our music licensing blog prior to contacting us. We find it is the number one question we get asked by our couples. You can read all about music licensing here.


Our turnaround for our films is roughly 3-5 weeks. I know this seems like a very long time, however, the amount of attention and care that goes into creating your film is significant and this process can not be rushed. We will keep your wedding films for a full year after your wedding and then they will be permanently deleted for added privacy. Your film will be delivered online and be available for immediate download to share with family and friends.