- LIVE engagement sESSION -

"From the first email, Raquelle was so kind, friendly and warm... it really was like talking to a friend. I met Raquelle for coffee a couple of weeks later with my maid of honour and I think we could have spent the entire day talking! She was so informative and already had so many amazing ideas for our engagement photo shoot. On the day of the engagement shoot, we met Raquelle at Calais Estate which is an absolutely stunning vineyard! From start to finish Raquelle was so full of energy, enthusiasm and jokes which kept us laughing the entire shoot and made my fiancée feel so comfortable (as he is your typical male who doesn't like to be put out of his comfort zone and in front of the camera). We honestly could not have asked for a better photographer! Not only is she such a fun, easy going and just all round amazing person, she is an incredible photographer! When our photos came back and we were absolutely blown away! Never in our entire lives had we ever had someone take such beautiful photos of us! They really captured the love we have for each other and will be displayed all around our house for years to come! Raquelle you truly are amazing and I honestly can not begin to explain how grateful we are to have you as our photographer! I can't wait for you to share in our wedding day and capture some more amazing moments!"

- Love Kymberly & Adrian