I find the beauty in genuine moments from an editorial perspective, bringing a mixture of fine art, portraiture, and photojournalism to every wedding I capture. My aim is to tell a timeless and beautiful story that not only takes you back to that time and place but that will transport you to an even more romantic and softer version of it.


I love the idea of adding romance to your day and this can be done with simple yet effective ideas. These are just a few of my tips for upping the romance factor on your wedding day.

The number one factor in creating a beautiful, unique and memorable wedding is crafting it especially to suit you both as a couple. Maybe you picked your wedding venue because it holds a significant meaning to you both. Maybe you plan to wear your grandmother’s veil.Maybe you plan to give each other a gift or letter the morning of your wedding day. This idea is a great opportunity to reflect on your relationship, your hopes for the future, and your excitement to marry your best friend.

A wedding day isn’t just about the joining of two people, but also their family and friends. Consider incorporating one or two traditions to involve important people to you both. You could invite loved ones to prepare a poem or reading. If you know someone who’s musically talented have them perform the ceremony music. If you have a polaroid/photo guestbook you can have a friend man the station and take the photos.

By choosing to incorporate sentimental touches throughout your wedding day, you’re honouring the past, present, and future of your lives together. The possibilities are endless, so start brainstorming ways to make your wedding more sentimental.


Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for the rest of the day and is one of the parts where you can really guide the atmosphere. Nothing says I love you more than choosing to write your own wedding vows. By recounting stories, sharing your hopes and dreams, and making promises to one another you are personalising your vows and sharing more about your relationship with your guests.


This is the one element that can transform the feel of your wedding in an instant! Speak to your venue about what they have on offer. We all know that candlelight screams romance, so why not include that in your wedding reception? This is an inexpensive and impactful way to create an ambience of love and closeness. Tealights can add ambience, while pillar candles in hurricanes or lanterns will take your reception to the next level. This works wonders regardless of your location, both indoor and outdoor receptions can benefit greatly from a few candles! Carefully considering how to best light your spaces, these little tips will work wonders on romancing your guests.


Of course, at some point, your guests are going to want to hit the dancefloor and dance the night away. But before that, some ambient music can go a long way to setting the feel for your day. Choose personal songs, with a dreamy feel for your ceremony, cocktail hour, over dinner, and for your first dance. You can even include some slow sets throughout the evening for the couples!


If you know anything about planning a wedding, you know it’s all in the details!! Let’s talk wedding exit… Will you have your guests toss rice or will you go with something a little more unique? If you’re all about changing it up, check out these classic and quirky ideas to help with the perfect sendoff!

x Raquelle

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