I find the beauty in genuine moments from an editorial perspective, bringing a mixture of fine art, portraiture, and photojournalism to every wedding I capture. My aim is to tell a timeless and beautiful story that not only takes you back to that time and place but that will transport you to an even more romantic and softer version of it.

We caught up with Ashley and Sam at their home in Bridgman on a balmy Autumn day. They showed us around their new 26-acre country estate which we thought would be the perfect setting to do their engagement photos!

Sydney-siders Ash and Sam met during Ashley’s brother’s wedding! Sam being in the bridal party got to spend some time with Ash during the day and the night ended with “an embarrassing dance to R Kelly’s song Ignition” – we’ve all been there lol. They immediately connected on Facebook, quickly exchanging numbers, and about a month later they went on an official first date to Barren Joey lighthouse. Sam decided to share with Ashley his love for restoring vintage bikes and cars and picked her up on the back of his motorcycle. Ashley said, “I thought I would be scared for my life but I felt so safe and at home with him riding”.

This date was the start of something special, Ashley quickly crashed Sams motorbike workshop/bachelor pad moving in with her cat. The engagement came as a surprise while travelling through Japan!

These two are the sweetest, they share a love of adventure, the outdoors and animals. They are planning a beautiful boho wedding set on the grounds of the beautiful Tocal Homestead later this year!

 Thank you for having us guys, we can’t wait for your wedding! xx

The Experience


Ash + Sam

"OMG, WE LOVE THEM!!! Thank you so much!! We are so excited to see the shoot come to life!! Thank you so much for capturing our home and us! We don't have lots of couple shots so it's so nice that we have these awesome memories captured and by an amazing team no less! Thank you so much again and we can't wait to see you in November!"

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