Hunter Valley Wedding Photographers

Thank you so much for stopping by, we are husband and wife team, Raquelle & James! We curate beautiful images and cinematic films to tell your story! Based in Newcastle, Australia and specialising in visual storytelling. With each wedding we document, we strive to create something beautiful and romantic. 

We love to capture weddings that are authentic filled with lots of happiness and laughter. We adore the love and energy that makes a moment so genuine. We will have a front row seat to the happiest day of your life and what an honour it is to be considered. 

Our job is to transform a series of individual moments into a carefully designed, cohesive collection of memories that perfectly conveys the one-of-a-kind love story that could only belong to the two of you. We truly believe images can ignite your spirit and bring back the most precious memories in a really beautiful way. 

There is something unique and special about your love story and that is what we want to capture. Let us document the love between the two of you. If looking through our work makes you excited to marry the one that you love.... tell us! We'd love to hear from you. 

x Raquelle + James



Team Pictures - Raquelle

Raquelle -

Photographer / Creative Director

Raquelle is the lead photographer here at RLP. She is a natural storyteller, not only behind the camera but also in the editing room! She takes all the ingredients James captures on a wedding day and transforms these individual moments into a carefully designed, cohesive collection of memories that perfectly conveys your one-of-a-kind love story. Raquelle is the heart behind all of our films

Team Pictures - James

James -

Filmmaker / Editor

James is our incredible cinematographer here at RLP. He manages all of the technical aspects of filmmaking from the camera equipment, lighting and audio, through to the detailed editing and colouring of the final cut of your wedding film He approaches each day with the aim to use his extensive experience to document your day in a way that is thoughtful, respectful and creative.

Team Pictures - Emily

Emily -

Admin Assistant / Social Media

Emily is our admin assistant, social media guru, accounts and diary manager. She works her magic in the office making sure everything is managed to perfection! Emily has a corporate background but in 2016 she left the fast paced business world to pursue she creative passion in Art. Mummy to Levi and wifey to Dan, Emily is a powerhouse, keeping everything organised here at the RLP HQ.